Pritinder (Pepi) Singh Khara, Artist.

Pepi was born in India in the early sixties.  His youth was spent in an all boys British boarding school.  Turning 21, he expressed his desire to be a full-time artist but was heavily discouraged by his Indian parents who’d rather see him become a doctor, engineer or scientist.  As a compromise, he enrolled in a hospitality industry business program and spent numerous years in the hotel industry in various European countries.

In 1986, he arrived in the United States, left the hotel industry and spent the next thirty years as a successful real estate agent.  In 2005 he earned his brokers license and launched his own real estate firm.  However, his passion to be a working artist never diminished.  Enamored by the visuals of a square art format, he began painting square pieces in various sizes.  Soon, collectors were buying his pieces.

Today, his gallery in downtown Frederick (MD) primarily hangs affordable 12″ x 12″ art that retails for $325 for walk-in collectors.  Most art is framed in gold frames that are approx. 3″ wide.